Are All Wigs Made the Same? Be in the Know!
09 / 14 / 22

Are All Wigs Made the Same? Be in the Know!

Wigs are an excellent option for those who are experiencing temporary hair loss, are still exploring permanent hair loss solutions, or just want to change up looks from time to time. Whatever your reason for wanting a wig, it is essential to know that not all wigs are created equal. Before settling on a wig and a hair restoration studio, it is important to know the difference between wigs. Here's what you need to know!

What is the Hair Made From?

One of the main differences between wigs is what the hair is made from. The strands can either be real human hair or synthetic man-made fibers. Each has its pros and cons.

Synthetic Hair

The man-made fibers in a synthetic wig are designed to replicate the look of natural hair. Compared to natural human hair wigs, there is a more extensive color selection available, which is appealing if you are looking for a color that is off the beaten path. Maintaining synthetic wigs is very easy, and they are typically more cost-effective than wigs made from human hair.

There are a few cons associated with synthetic wigs when compared to real human hair. First, some lower-end wigs may have an unnatural shine, which for anyone paying attention is an obvious giveaway that you are wearing a wig. Once a color is chosen, it cannot be changed. The reason is that a new color will not adhere to the synthetic fibers. They also tend to have a shorter lifespan, so you may have to replace them more frequently.

Human Hair

Many wigs are made from real human hair, thanks to people who are willing to donate their hair. Strands of real hair offer a natural appearance and texture. These types of wigs are extremely versatile. You can style it just like your real hair.

There are a few cons to know when considering a wig made from human hair. Since the wigs are made of real hair, they do react to the weather. So, for example, if it is humid outside, you may still have a bad hair day. It can also be difficult to match your natural hair color perfectly. Furthermore, real human hair wigs can be more expensive since they are made from harvested human hair.

Attachment Method

Choosing between synthetic and real human hair is a crucial decision, but there are other aspects of wigs that are vital to look at before making a decision. The last thing you want is for your wig to slide or, worse, fly off at the worst possible moment in public. The likelihood of this happening is based on the design of the underside of the wig. It is this design that ensures your wig stays firmly in place.

It is advisable to choose designs that have velcro and elastic in place to achieve a snug fit. The chances are good that you will want to use a wig cap and adhesive tape for additional security. The most important step to finding the perfect fit is to work with a professional stylist who can show you how to get the perfect fit.


Although you can choose different characteristics of your wigs, the difference between wigs really comes down to the quality. Wigs with superior craftsmanship will look more natural, last longer, and fit better. You should look at:

  • The number of synthetic or real hairs used in the wig
  • The quality of the strands
  • The ability to achieve the desired color
  • The quality of the underside design

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