Men’s hair systems are an increasingly popular way for men to once again look and feel like themselves—and it’s not hard to understand why. Each male hair system is customized for the individual—meaning your system is designed for you and you alone, allowing you a look that’s totally natural and healthy. Hair systems offer permanent results without the need for surgical intervention, and with minimal maintenance. We’re proud to offer hair systems for men here at LH Hair.

No matter the cause of male hair loss, there are always viable solutions—ways for men to once again look and feel like themselves. One of the most popular options is the male hair system—something we’re proud to offer here at LH Hair.

There are a number of benefits to male hair systems, starting with customization. Each system is tailored to meet the needs of the individual client, meaning we can help you achieve exactly the look you’re after. We provide men’s hair systems from the world’s top brands, many of them made with human hair—and all of them guaranteeing results that are natural and real-looking.

Hair systems for men don’t require any surgical intervention; they do, however, offer long-lasting hair replacement. Maintenance is virtually nothing; you’ll just need to see us in our studio every month or so, just as you would with a regular haircut. And, men’s hair systems can accommodate any lifestyle—even swimming or brisk athletics.

You don’t have to settle for hair loss. There are good, safe, effective, and non-invasive options that can restore you to a healthy hairline. The male hair system is the ultimate example.