For women seeking a natural-looking hair loss remedy, a female hair system can be the perfect solution. We’re proud to offer hair systems for women that are made with 100 percent human hair—and always customized to meet the client’s goals. These hair systems provide a lasting solution, plus a hairline that looks completely “real.” In addition, women’s hair systems are low-maintenance and can accommodate even the most active of lifestyles.

Hair systems for women provide seamless, comfortable, and completely natural-looking remedies for thinning hair. At LH Hair, we are proud to provide our clients with women’s hair systems from some of the world’s leading brands.

A female hair system begins with a super-thin, skin-like membrane—always custom-fit to your scalp. Thousands of human hairs are inserted into the membrane, one at a time; ultimately, these hairs are colored, cut, and styled to provide the desired look. Some hair systems can be integrated with the hair currently growing on your head.

The result is a full and healthy head of hair with a completely realistic-looking hairline. Indeed, no one but you will ever know you’re wearing a hair system! What’s more, women’s hair systems require only the most minimal maintenance, and they can accommodate any lifestyle (including swimming and regular, strenuous exercise).

A female hair system provides a long-lasting solution to hair loss—and remember: Every hair system is customized to the individual. Here at LH Hair, it would be our pleasure to get started designing a hair system that’s made just for you.