Women’s wigs have long provided a simple and elegant hair loss solution—and at LH Hair, we are proud to offer our clients beautiful wigs in every possible color and style. Our women’s wigs are popular options among those who are experiencing temporary hair loss due to medical treatment, but they are also appealing to those who want to wear wigs simply to be fashionable. Our stylists can help fit you for the wig of your choosing.

At LH Hair, we particularly enjoy working with wigs. They are able to achieve some of the most dramatic transformations. For women facing medical hair loss, wigs allow us to seamlessly transition from growing hair to replacement hair and back again. The opportunity to restore a woman's hair is very special to us, and protecting our clients' privacy is our utmost priority.

At LH Hair, we understand that getting a wig involves a lot more than just making a few color and style choices. If you're facing medical hair loss, hair replacement is just one step in a long and difficult road. We're here to make the process just a little bit easier. We'll do anything we can to help you be more comfortable and to face each day with confidence.