Clients come to LH Hair facing a variety of different needs. Some are faced with extreme hair loss and need a radical solution. Others have just noticed a bit of thinning and want simple ways to add volume and length. The one thing our clients all have in common is their desire to look and feel their absolute best—and that’s something we’re always happy to help them with here in our Charlotte salon.

In addition to offering a wide array of hair restoration products, we also boast a team of world-class stylists, here to help clients achieve the look they’re after. Coloring, cutting, styling, chemical treatments—whatever you’re looking for to enhance your look, our stylists can offer it.

We are proud to provide regular salon appointments to our hair restoration customers—and that includes maintenance with hair systems, as needed. In addition, our stylists can offer Head First treatments, clinically calibrated to promote scalp health and to stimulate new hair growth. And, our salon services include access to products like Kenra, Pro Gem, It’s a 10, and more—hair health supplies that are proven to be safe and effective.

One of our great delights is getting to know our clients and to forge ongoing relationships with them—so as you seek better length, color, texture, volume, or styling for your hair, consider making a appointment with one of the stylists in the LH Hair salon.