No woman ever wants to experience hair loss—yet for many, it’s an unwelcome reality. Hair loss can impact women of all ages and all walks of life, and sometimes it can feel hopeless. The good news is that there are proven and effective hair loss treatments for women—and here at LH Hair, we’re pleased to provide our clients with a wealth of options.

The first step is joining us in our Charlotte studio, where we’ll happily provide you with a FREE scalp and hair analysis. This is a non-invasive way for us to find out what’s really causing your thinning hair and it helps us to offer you some tailored female hair loss solutions.

You’ll leave your free consultation with an action plan—and a real sense of hope. For some women, that action plan revolves around female hair systems, which allow for a full and healthy head of hair without the need for a transplant or for time-intensive maintenance.

Other women may prefer to use extensions and toppers. LH Hair provides high-quality products from the world’s most acclaimed brands; our extensions and toppers can be integrated with your growing hair to offer some additional fullness and length.

And, for some women, an elegant wig is the right solution. We are proud to offer a full range of wigs, both for women experiencing chemotherapy treatment and also for women who simply want to wear wigs for reasons of fashion.

Hair loss isn’t something you have to settle for. There are always ways to reverse it and to once again look and feel like yourself. Here at LH Hair, we’re pleased to deliver only the female hair loss solutions that have been proven to be safe and effective.

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  • If there was such a thing as the "Da Vinci of Hair" it would be Lisa Hyde. She is not only a true artist but a magician as well. If Lisa and LH Hair can't make you look and feel your best I doubt it can be done.

    — Anonymous Client, 11 Years

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