For women whose hair has started to thin, extensions and toppers can be good options to restore some volume and length. These products are integrated with your natural, growing hair and made to look seamless. Plus, today’s extensions and toppers are remarkably easy to use and low on maintenance. At LH Hair, we’re pleased that we can offer our clients extensions and toppers from some of the most forward-thinking and popular brands.

At LH Hair, we've explored the major hair extension offerings and selected the most versatile options that get the best results. We use extensions carefully to add coverage, fullness, and style in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle. Our array of attachment options ensures that you get the style and flexibility you want without damaging your existing hair.

Your hair says a lot about you, and hair extensions can amplify that message. That's why extensions are so often used to create dramatic styles. Because hair extensions can make such a big impact, their use in hair replacement is very different than in day-to-day styling. At LH Hair, we apply hair extensions selectively and carefully, to achieve specific hair restoration goals. Creating subtle results with this type of tool requires finesse and specialized training. At LH Hair, you're assured a stylist who will listen to your preferences and give you the kind of results you can feel confident about.

Hair extensions are some of the most versatile tools available to us. For women who have thinning hair but want to keep as much existing hair as possible, this is a popular option. Extensions allow us to add length, to cover thinning areas, to add volume, and even to add highlights without ever dying your hair.

Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you can get an attachment method designed to stay put for weeks, or one that allows you to clip your extensions in and out whenever you want. Our priorities are achieving undetectable results and making sure that you're comfortable with your new hair. Lots of salons offer hair extensions. Few deliver such personalized results.