Why Trichology Matters
03 / 26 / 17

Why Trichology Matters

At LH Hair, we want to provide our clients with hair replacement solutions that will truly fit their needs and provide lasting results. That means really getting to the root of the problem, and understanding hair loss at the scalp level. Ultimately, our aim is to create the ideal conditions for hair to grow, addressing any scalp or follicular diseases along the way.

A Commitment to Trichology

We do this through a commitment to trichology, which is itself a branch of dermatology. Trichology is all about the scalp, and about the structure, function, and disease of hair follicles. It represents a scientific approach—not purely a cosmetic one—to hair growth and to hair loss.

Because everything we do is rooted in trichology, we’re able to help our clients address any underlying issues that contribute to their hair loss; to restore their scalps to robust health, and in some cases to stimulate new hair growth. Trichology is important to us because it’s a factual, empirical baseline for everything we do; we know our techniques get results because we know that there is real science behind them.

How Trichology Makes a Difference

Indeed, there are many reasons why someone might seek help within the field of trichology:

Hair loss. This is the most common reason why people seek the help of a trichologist. Hair loss is often rooted in scalp disease or in some other issue with the skin, and a trichological approach can help get to the bottom of things and point toward a viable solution.

Scalp disease. Those who constantly experience redness, flakey skin, or itching along their scalp may have a real dermatological problem—and that can sometimes lead to bigger issues, such as hair loss, down the road. Trichology can provide a diagnosis and a treatment plan, often as simple as a topical solution.

Hair texture problems. Unhealthy hair—dry or brittle—is often caused by overexposure to heat or to chemicals. A trichologist can identify the issues involved and recommend a course of treatment.

Consult with a Trichologist

At LH Hair, you can sit down for a private, one-on-one trichological evaluation that will provide you with solutions for whatever your hair and scalp needs may be. Whether you are dealing with extensive hair loss or simply some discomfort on your scalp, trichology may very well hold the answers.

We invite you to join us at LH HairLH Hair at your convenience, and to learn more about our trichology program.