Non-Surgical Hair Grafting

Non-Surgical Hair Grafting for Women

Surgical hair grafting is a process where hair is taken from a fuller area of your scalp and implanted into areas of hair loss. Non-surgical grafting achieves the precise results of this surgery, but delivers them quickly, affordably, and painlessly. This modern evolution of the traditional hairpiece is completely customized and bonds to your scalp for totally natural results with no additional maintenance.

Non-Surgical Hair Grafting is one of the latest technologies for replacing lost hair. Synthetic, hypoallergenic material or 100% real human hair can be used in this non-invasive form of a hair implant. If hair restoration surgery is an option for you, be sure to consider the non-surgical option. You might find that it's the best of both worlds.

The Benefits of Surgery...

Traditional hair grafting is a popular surgical solution for resolving hair loss. A specialized surgeon harvests tiny grafts of hair from areas of the scalp unaffected by hair loss. After being implanted, the donor hairs continue growing. The reason so many people have undergone this procedure is that it delivers the most undetectable results ever achieved. Every single graft is strategically placed so that the hair flows naturally with the rest of the client's growing hair. There are no adhesives, seams, knots, or attachment systems left behind.

And the Benefits of a Custom Hairpiece

The drawback of surgery is that it is invasive and expensive. The results are very difficult to adjust, and some scarring does occur. Most alternatives to hair grafting surgery involve a hairpiece that is created, then attached to the hair or scalp and styled. The benefits of such systems include the variety of possible replacement materials, increased styling potential, quick results, and an affordable solution to hair loss.

The Best of Both Worlds

Non-Surgical Hair Grafting brings the benefits of surgery and custom hairpieces together in one affordable, non-invasive solution. This undetectable technique features an invisible membrane that bonds directly to the scalp. Strands of hair (carefully matched to your own growing hair) are threaded through the membrane, which holds them securely in place. Non-Surgical Hair Grafting allows for endless styling possibilities and is undetectable no matter what you're doing. It's a solution that lets you go about your life with the confidence that your hair looks great, no matter how far your hair loss has progressed.

No hair restoration solution is right for everyone. Call the caring stylists at LH Hair to get answers from a team you can trust.


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  • I have worn my hair at shoulder length for several years and in the past three or four years noticed that as I am aging, so is my hair! I wanted to add a little fullness to my hair, and one of my girlfriends, who is also a client of Lisa's, suggested I go in and see her. Lisa was great when we met and went over several ideas and options with me to give me the look I was wanting to achieve!

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