Hair Loss In Your 20's
10 / 12 / 18

We Expect Hair Loss When We're Older, But What If You Are In Your 20's?

We expect hair loss when we're older, but what if you're experiencing hair loss in your twenties? That's a question that can be tough to answer. The truth is, there are a no simple reasons for what causes premature hair loss and a number of factors can play a role in determining whether or not you experience hair loss in your twenties. From heredity to lifestyle to how much stress we experience, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to or increase the likelihood of hair loss occurring during early adulthood.

Here are some of the common conditions and health factors that can cause hair loss in your twenties:

5 Causes for Hair Loss Occurring in your Twenties:

  1. Smoking: Smoking, especially in men, and in particular smoking while in your teens, can lead to premature hair loss that occurs in your 20's. This is definitely a habit to avoid, not only to prevent unnecessary hair loss, but other preventable illnesses that can adversely affect your health.
  2. Extreme Dieting or Rapid Weight loss: Extreme weight loss and dieting can cause trauma to the nervous system that can lead to premature hair loss and thinning in your 20's. Avoid extreme diets or excessive weight-loss in early adulthood to prevent trauma to your system that results in hair loss.
  3. Stress: Both work-related and emotional stress have been linked to certain hair loss conditions. Trichotillomania, for example, is a nervous habit that causes people to pull their hair out when they're stressed or under an intense amount of pressure. It's commonly associated with work-related stress. While alopecia areata, a type of hair loss that causes bald patches to appear, has been linked to chronic psycho-emotional stress.
  4. Heredity: Hereditary baldness can affect both men and women in their twenties. Men have a 4 in 7 chance of inheriting the gene for male-pattern baldness, which can occur anytime during adulthood. Female baldness is often passed on through the maternal side and generally occurs at a similar or identical age to its predecessor. So, if your grandmother or mother experienced hair loss in their twenties, there's a high likelihood that you will experiences hair loss at a similar, if not identical age.
  5. Hormonal Fluctuations: Female hair loss in your 20's caused by fluctuating hormones is usually temporary and tends to result in overall thinning first, with wider areas of hair loss starting at the crown, if hair loss progresses.

How to Treat Hair Loss in your Twenties: There are several ways to treat, prevent, or even reverse hair loss that occurs during your twenties, depending the cause and severity of the condition. Treatments can range from non-invasive preventative measures to hair transplants or hair replacement in cases of complete or severe baldness.

Here is a basic rundown of different types of treatment for hair loss in your twenties:

4 Ways to Treat Hair Loss in your Twenties:

  1. Lifestyle Changes: Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet with gradual weight loss can reduce hair loss and improve hair growth and health. Making other changes to your lifestyle, like quitting smoking, reducing stress and regular exercise can also greatly reduce the likelihood of hair loss occurring in your twenties. These steps can help to prevent hair loss that has already occurred.
  2. Non-Invasive Preventive Treatment: A healthy scalp is essential for growing healthy hair. As a certified Head First Hair Renewal Center, using a microscopic camera, LH Hair technician can closely examine your scalp and hair follicles and determine a course of treatment that will stimulate blood and nutritional flow to the affected areas generating new hair growth.
  3. Hair Transplants: For permanent or progressive hair loss, hair transplants are a popular choice. However, there must be enough healthy hair on the back side of the head to transplant. And, transplants won't prevent further hair loss.
  4. Hair Augmentation:  Cosmetically applying hair to areas of thinning hair or complete hair loss can be done with hair extensions, toppers and hair replacement. Add as little or as much hair as you desire. You can use attachments to remove the hair daily or can permanently attached giving you all the freedom as if it is real growing hair. With today's technology hair augmentation can be totally undectable.

How LH Hair Can Help:

LH Hair we understand the important role our hair can play in determining our sense of well-being. Hair loss can be difficult to process and directly impact the way we feel about ourselves and our lives. Hair loss treatment can also be incredibly personal. At LH Hair, we understand the need for privacy. Our salon is designed to offer a private oasis to our clients where they can come and feel safe and protected, to express their ideas in a supportive and confidential atmosphere. We work together to find the solutions that will address your particular needs and concerns. Our goal at LH Hair is to provide our clients with the resources and expertise they need to create a great looking hair style that matches their personality, integrated into your own hair's natural look and feel. To learn more about the many services we offer at LH Hair, please contact us or visit us only today!