Hair Loss and Thyroid Disease: A Guide
09 / 06 / 17

Hair Loss and Thyroid Disease: A Guide

Hair loss is usually a symptom of a larger issue within your body. Whether it is a result of stress or hormone imbalance, thinning hair is, without question, worrisome. One of the keys to successful treatment is understanding the underlying cause of your hair loss. One major player - believe it or not - is the health of your thyroid. 

Thyroid disease can wreak havoc on your hormone levels, creating changes in mood, weight, and energy. Among a host of physical symptoms there is also the potential for hair loss. But how are these connected? And what can you do to treat your thyroid issues as well as stem further loss of hair?

We will brief you on the basics in diagnosing and treating your symptoms, along with providing some basic education on thyroid disease and the science that explains why it causes hair loss. At LH Hair, we aim to provide as much information to our customers as possible - even before they arrive in the salon. We hope you'll find the following information useful and feel confident in approaching us for further information and consultation services.

What is Thyroid Disease?

Your thyroid is a gland that's sole responsibility is to create thyroid hormones. These hormones are, in turn, responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism in the human body. Thyroid disease is, quite simply, the over or under-functioning of the gland. Overproduction of thyroid hormones is referred to as hyperthyroidism while insufficient hormone production is known as hypothyroidism. Regardless of which condition you are diagnosed with, the result is in an imbalance of hormones that can set off a chain reaction of larger symptoms throughout the body.  

Symptoms of abnormal thyroid hormone production include:

  • Changes in mood and energy (typically anxiety, nervousness, and general lethargy)
  • Insomnia 
  • Excessive and rapid change in weight (both weight loss and weight gain) 
  • Dryness of the hair and skin 
  • Loss of memory and concentration 
  • Hair loss 

The symptoms are quite varied, but diagnosing thyroid problems is as simple as a blood test, so do not hesitate to contact your doctor if you see these symptoms and suspect a problem. 

How Do Thyroid Hormones Affect Hair Loss?

Hair loss in itself is typically a symptom of larger issues in the body. Fortunately, it's an easily treated symptom and is helpful in signaling changes in your hormones, allowing you to seek treatment in a timely manner. The reason hair loss can become a symptom of thyroid disease is that changes in your natural metabolic process can stunt your hair's natural growing cycle by sending incorrect signals to the follicles.

At any given time, some portion of your hair is in a resting phase known as telogen. This phase accounts for 6-8% of your hair while 3% is in the transitional phase of catagen. As a result, it is expected that no more than 11% of your hair is resting at a time. However, if your hormones begin to change unexpectedly, it is possible for the follicles to remain in a prolonged state of telogen rather than renew the cycle in the active growing phase of anagen.

Essentially, when your body over-produces thyroid hormones your hair may become fine and brittle, and if your body under-produces those same hormones you may experience hair loss. Luckily, the hair loss is temporary, and the growth cycle will begin anew with proper treatment.    

Treatment for Thyroid Disease and Hair Loss  

Now that you understand what thyroid disease is and how it affects the health of your hair, let's take a look at treatment options. In order to treat your thyroid problem your doctor will likely prescribe a treatment to regulate your thyroid hormone levels. These can be pills or shots, and as your treatment takes affect your hair loss should resolve itself.

Of course, you won't see immediate results, but there are other options to restore the look of your hair as your body works on repairing itself. LH Hair happens to offer several great services in this respect. From Capilia Head First Trichology Program to hair replacement, toppers and extensions, you can count on the team at LH Hair to help you achieve fuller hair and higher confidence.

If you would like to learn more about our services, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding your hair loss, please contact us. Our top-notch team of professionals is ready to help you reclaim a full, healthy head of hair. We look forward to seeing you!