Follicle Analysis vs. Polar Light Analysis
03 / 13 / 24

Follicle Analysis vs. Polar Light Analysis

Hair loss has been an issue for men and women throughout history. Research and study over the years have increased our knowledge and understanding of how hair grows and the causes of hair loss. While today, hair loss treatment solutions are more effective than ever, it's vital to accurately determine the cause of your hair loss to find the best solution for treating and reversing your condition.

Scientific and technological advances, such as precision instruments and advanced software, have led to the development of highly effective treatments and solutions for any hair loss condition at any stage. Follicle Analysis and Polar Light Analysis are two cutting-edge developments resulting from research and advanced technology.

What is Hair Follicle Analysis?

Hair Follicle Analysis is a state-of-the-art hair loss solution that fights hair loss using proteins known as human growth factors. The minimally invasive advanced technique promotes hair growth by targeting specific areas of the scalp.

Human growth factors are proteins that occur naturally within the body and mimic the effects of Human Growth Hormones. These proteins help your body rebuild tissue and heal after an accident or injury by binding to cell receptors and signaling them to divide, heal, grow, or perform other specific functions.

The Hair Follicle Analysis process helps to revitalize and heal damaged hair follicles by applying human growth factors directly to areas of the scalp where hair follicles are dormant. The process stimulates new hair growth and enables hair follicles to produce healthy hair again. In many cases, Hair Follicle Analysis can slow and even reverse the hair loss process.

Hair Follicle Analysis is a safe, effective, non-surgical procedure performed in-office with minimal discomfort and recovery time. This natural treatment option for hair loss is a perfect hair loss solution for men and women who wish to restore their natural hair.

What Is Polar Light Analysis?

Effectively treating your hair loss condition requires a thorough understanding of your scalp, hair, and hair follicles. Hair analysis is a simple and non-invasive process that provides in-depth knowledge about the health of your hair. Because elements are stored in your hair at high levels, hair analysis can provide a wealth of information.

At LH Hair, we use a state-of-the-art hair analysis technique known as polar light analysis. Polar Light Analysis is an innovative new hair analysis technique that provides highly detailed results without requiring sophisticated and complex instruments or procedures typically used in the most precise methodologies. This cutting-edge technology enables us to pinpoint the cause of your hair loss and track the progress of hair growth therapies.

Polar Light Analysis is a fast, simple process that uses a polarized light microscope to view and analyze optical properties from images of an individual strand of hair. The method uses advanced technology and software to evaluate the intracellular content in the hair.

By utilizing Polar Light Analysis, our experts can precisely detect and measure a wide range of substances, including minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hormones, and other compounds. The speed, simplicity, and precision of Polar Light Analysis make it a powerful tool for determining the exact cause and best treatment options for hair loss conditions.

Cutting-Edge Hair Loss Solutions From LH Hair

At LH Hair, we strive to provide our clients with the most advanced, proven, effective hair loss solutions available. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and the highest-quality hair products to help you achieve and maintain the look you desire. To learn more about how we use Follicle Analysis and Polar Light Analysis to help determine the cause of your hair loss, contact us today and schedule your FREE initial consultation.