Capilia Head First Program: How Can It Help with Hair Loss?
06 / 24 / 21

Capilia Head First Program: How Can It Help with Hair Loss?

A healthy head of hair plays a large part in your day-to-day life, including your self-confidence. Understandably, you want to keep your natural head of hair as healthy as possible. How do you go about minimizing your chances of the onset of hair loss or preventing further hair loss? LH Hair proudly offers the Capilia Head First Program, designed to keep your luscious locks in optimal health.

What is the Capilia Head First Program?

Capilia's Head First is a revolutionary long-term treatment and preventative program for your scalp and hair. It helps both men and women maintain the strength, volume, and health of their existing natural hair. Here at LH Hair, we hold hair loss prevention and rejuvenation techniques at the core of our mission. We are proud to have been the first hair restoration studio to be certified to offer Head First in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Capilia cares about your health and the health of the environment. This is why all Head First products are rich in natural active ingredients that are compatible with all skin and hair types. Have peace of mind knowing you are using biodegradable products that will not further pollute the Earth.

Does Head First Help with Hair Loss?

The testimonies from those who use Head First have been nothing but positive. We are excited to share that many of our clients have jumped on board with the program, and the results are promising. Our satisfied clients are seeing:

• Color improvement with richer, deeper natural color in each strand
• Texture improvement with a shinier and lustrous head of hair
• Less oily scalp for those who struggle with excess oil production
• Less dry scalp for those who struggle with dry scalp and dry hair

Best of all, clients see new, healthy hair regrowth!

What Can You Expect with the Head First Program?

We understand that each person is different. With this in mind, we offer treatment plans that are custom-tailored to your needs. However, the end goal remains the same, to effectively treat scalp disorders that prevent natural hair growth. Capilia's Head First Program is a combination of therapeutic in-salon and take-home treatments. You have a busy schedule, and not having to come in for every single treatment will free up your time to focus on other areas of your life.

During the initial visit, your certified technician will use a microscopic camera to examine your scalp and hair follicles closely. This is to gain an initial understanding of your scalp's health and what needs the most attention. Next, using the Head First protocol, a custom treatment plan is developed based on your unique needs.

Your first treatment will likely take place during your first visit. Relax and enjoy soothing shampoos, conditioners, emulsion, and more! You can take this opportunity to read a good book, play your favorite games on your phone, or just enjoy the peace and quiet.

At the end of your first session, your certified technician will conduct a post-treatment analysis of your scalp and hair with the microscopic camera to monitor progress. You will be astonished at the before and after pictures of just one session. Imagine what the entire treatment plan will do for you!

Prevention is Key

A beautiful head of hair begins with a healthy scalp. Capilia Head First is proven to nurture your hair from the scalp up and help you prevent hair loss, and keep your natural head of hair even longer. See for yourself what it can do for you! Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation.