Can I Get Help With Postpartum Hair Loss?
12 / 21 / 20

Can I Get Help With Postpartum Hair Loss?

Your body goes through a world wind of changes during pregnancy and even after your sweet bundle of joy arrives. You may have noticed that your hair became thicker during pregnancy but then fell out at a seemingly alarming rate postpartum. This is a completely normal occurrence and nothing to worry about. This is your guide to why hair loss is common postpartum and how you can get help to restore your luxurious head of hair.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur Postpartum?

During pregnancy, increased levels of estrogen and blood circulation decrease normal rates of hair loss. This is the reason you may experience a fuller head of hair than you normally would. Post pregnancy, your hormone levels drop very quickly. This is commonly known as the "hormone dump". The sudden drop in hormones can cause your hair to fall out in larger quantities than it normally would.

It is important to understand, that normally you lose about 50-100 strands of hair each day. Postpartum you will not lose more than the total that you would have lost during your pregnancy, you just lose it closer together which can temporarily leave you with thinning or bald patches until new hair grows in.

When Do You Lose Hair After Having a Baby?

Every woman is different. Some women may not lose any hair after having a baby at all while others may begin losing hair the day after their baby is born and continue to do so even after the baby is a few months old. In most cases, hair loss peaks around 3-4 months postpartum. The great news is that you do not have to wait months for your hair to grow back in before you enjoy a full head of hair.

What Can You Do About Postpartum Hair Loss?

Due to the fact that postpartum hair loss is due to hormone levels, there is not much you can do to stop or prevent hair loss. However, there are things you can do to nurture your scalp and help to accelerate your natural hair growth. At-home tips include:

  • Strive to avoid using styling products such as curling irons that can make your hair appear even thinner than it actually is.
  • Use a gentle brush and only brush your when absolutely needed. If you brush your hair too often or too hard it can cause your hair to fall out even faster.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet to ensure adequate nutrients are reaching your scalp and hair follicles.

The best way to ensure you are on the fast-track to a full head of hair is to consult a hair restoration specialist.

Let the Professionals Help!

Seek help from a reputable hair specialist that has experience in postpartum hair loss. LH Hair specializes in hair loss due to having a baby. As the leading hair restoration studio in North Carolina, our team will work with you to help you restore your natural hair as quickly as possible. After conducting a thorough hair and scalp analysis to ensure there are not any underlying medical conditions that need to be addressed, your hair specialist will present you with viable options. These may include trichological treatments. 

For those who do not want to wait for a full head of hair, wigs are a great option. Our custom wigs are made to blend in seamlessly with your scalp. We can either match your natural hair or you can choose a bold new look. The best part is that our wigs also protect your scalp and natural hair as it grows back in! Book your FREE hair and scalp analysis today!