5 Bad Habits
11 / 06 / 17

5 Bad Habits That Lead to Hair Loss

Did you know that hair loss is caused by a myriad of factors besides genetics? It's true! Many people assume that hair loss is the result of unfortunate family history, but it turns out there are plenty of day-to-day activities and habits that can result in thinning hair and baldness. Your hair follicles react to the stresses and messes you put your body through, and sometimes that reaction can lead those follicles to shut down. Below, we've compiled the top five bad habits that have the potential to lead to hair loss. 


Right out the gate, one of the worst habits anyone can pick up is smoking. It's been proven to cause cancer, respiratory diseases and breathing problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and cardiovascular disease. Beyond the life-threatening health problems, smoking also leads to hair loss. The body's circulation is affected by smoking, restricting or damaging the blood flow and potentially cutting off the nutrients that hair follicles require to continue the natural growing cycle.  


Uh-oh, not happy hour! It's true, heavy drinking has been linked to hair loss in both men and women. Drinking raises estrogen levels and reduces zinc levels - both factors that could negatively impact the healthy, normal growth cycle of your hair. Of course, this extreme consequence is the result of excessive drinking so don't worry about the occasional glass of wine. Everything in moderation, as they say!  

Unhealthy Diet

You are what you eat, and filling up on junk food while ignoring fruits and veggies is a recipe for poor overall health, bad skin, and, of course, hair loss. If your diet doesn't consist of the right amount of iron, protein, zinc, and B-12 you could experience thinning hair. It should be noted that following crash diets or drastically changing your eating habits can also negatively impact your hair as your body attempts to make up for lost calories and nutrition. The best course of action is to visit a nutritionist who can help you create a balanced diet that ensures you are consuming all the vitamins and minerals needed for you (and you hair) to stay healthy.

Bad Hygiene

Hair care and hygiene is also incredibly important in maintaining your luscious locks. Both overwashing your hair and not washing it enough can cause problems such as oily or dry scalp that lead to hair loss. You should also be cautious of excessive use of hair products and styling tools as these can cause damage directly to the strands and the follicles over time.      

Abnormal Sleep Cycle 

It turns out that stress is a major factor for hair loss, and if you aren't sleeping properly your body is likely experiencing a great amount of it. Sleep allows your body to repair and regenerate, but the absence of full night of shut-eye could detrimentally affect your health and your hair. Sleep deprivation can mess with your body's immune function, hormones, and stamina - all factors that your super sensitive hair follicles could pick up on. So get those Zzzs and give your hair a chance to feel rested and ready for normal growth. They don't call it "beauty rest" for nothing.

If you're concerned about thinning hair and hair loss, consider changing your habits - it's the first step toward healthy hair. Not sure if these factors are playing a role? Come see us! At LH Hair, we specialize in treating hair loss of all kinds at all stages. Our mission: to help you achieve a full, stylish head of hair that boosts your mood and confidence. If you would like to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation, please contact us today. We look forward to showing you what we can do and how we can help!