• Going Vegan? Beware of Hair Loss

    Wednesday, 11 October 2017

    going vegan? no way josè.jpg

    At LH Hair we're in the business of providing you with the hair you want, but we also love providing as much information on hair loss prevention as we can. Educating our clients is a role we take very seriously - especially since hair loss has a nasty habit of stemming from environmental and dietary conditions. Today, we'll be taking a look at diet - specifically, the vegan diet.

  • Improve Your Hair's Chances with Early Detection .jpg

    Over 80 million Americans are experiencing hair loss. Whether it is a chronic condition or a stress-related change, it is important to realize that hair loss is quite common and the scalp should be monitored even before noticeable signs of thinning begin. As with most health-related concerns, early detection of hair loss is the best route to improving treatment effectiveness, preventing further problems, and stimulating optimal reversal conditions. Also, because your hair is an indicator of your overall health, early detection of hair loss may actually help detect underlying health issues.

  • Hair Loss and Thyroid Disease: A Guide

    Wednesday, 06 September 2017

    hair loss and thyroid disease.jpg

    Hair loss is usually a symptom of a larger issue within your body. Whether it is a result of stress or hormone imbalance, thinning hair is, without question, worrisome. One of the keys to successful treatment is understanding the underlying cause of your hair loss. One major player - believe it or not - is the health of your thyroid. 

    Thyroid disease can wreak havoc on your hormone levels, creating changes in mood, weight, and energy. Among a host of physical symptoms there is also the potential for hair loss. But how are these connected? And what can you do to treat your thyroid issues as well as stem further loss of hair?

  • Understanding the Difference Between Dry Dandruff and Oily Dandruff .jpg

    For anyone dealing with long-term dandruff, you know that the commercials for shampoos and treatments usually only cover one-half of the whole experience. While it's true that dry white flakes are problematic and sometimes embarrassing, they're also the least irritating part of handling a scalp that over-produces skin cells. There are, two primary forms of the condition: dry dandruff and oily dandruff, and most people who have the first kind will also experience the second. They are often caused by similar environmental conditions and genetic predisposition but need to be treated separately because of the variation in symptoms and severity.

  • Hair Loss Vs. Your Natural Shedding Cycle .jpg

    As you get older it is natural to view a few extra hairs on your pillows with suspicion. Shedding is perfectly normal, but when does too much shedding turn into something worthy of your concern? Understanding the difference between shedding and hair loss comes down to a few key factors: knowing how much hair is usually lost through the growth and shedding cycle, paying attention to patterns, and self-examination of outside factors that may impact your hair follicles' growth. With the following information, LH Hair aims to help you determine whether you are in need of a hair loss treatment or just a little growth stimulating shampoo.

  • Alopecia: What to Know

    Monday, 24 July 2017

    Alopecia What to Know

    At LH Hair, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the very best in hair loss solutions. We also feel it is our duty to educate people about the types of hair loss they are experiencing. There are so many factors that contribute to hair loss that recognition and treatment can become confusing. Our goal is to provide all the information we can - even before you come into the salon! We want you to understand the root of your hair related problems so you can feel as confident in our methods as we do.

  • Timing Saving Tips

    Keeping your hair happy, healthy, and full is our main mission at LH Hair. Using top of the line treatments and products we provide the expertise and care you need to keep your hair looking natural and beautiful. Along with our personalized, professional services, we enjoy educating our customers so they can work toward healthier hair under their own care. We've got a bagful of tips and tricks to share, so let's get started!

  • Mens Hair

    When it comes to addressing men’s hair loss, knowledge really is power. Before your hair loss can be effectively diagnosed and treated, it’s helpful to understand some basic points about why male hair loss happens in the first place. In some cases, this might mean dispelling some well-worn myths and misconceptions. Then, when you have a clearer understanding of how men’s hair loss truly works, you’re in a better position to seek the right treatment.

  • Hair Lifestyle

    Hair loss has many potential causes. Often, the underlying factor is a genetic one. In other cases, an illness or medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, can be the culprit. It’s important not to discount the role that lifestyle plays, however. The choices you make in your life can sometimes have an impact on the health of your hair and scalp, even triggering or exacerbating hair loss. It’s vital to know what the most common lifestyle factors are, and how they can be avoided. We’ll outline just a few of the main ones in this post.

  • Early Stages of BaldingMale pattern baldness—also called androgenetic alopecia—is incredibly common; in fact, roughly two out of three men will experience it at some point, and the risk increases with age. No man wants to lose his hair, and the good news is that there are ways to mitigate the effects of androgenetic alopecia. The best results come when action is taken early, which means men should know the common warning signs of early stage hair loss. We’ll review some of them in this post, and also provide some basic recommendations for treatment.

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