Winter Hair Care Tips
11 / 22 / 16

Winter Hair Care Tips: How to Preserve Healthy Hair and Scalp

The onset of cold weather can be tough, and not least for your hair. Maybe you’ve noticed that the winter elements can leave your hair feeling brittle and damaged. That’s an unfortunate downside to the colder part of the year, but the good news is that there is something you can do about it. In fact, there are several things you can do to preserve healthy hair throughout the winter season.

How to Ensure Healthy Hair this Winter

Here are a few of our top suggestions.

Protect your hair from the winter weather. Cold, wet weather is what places strain on your hair—but covering your hair with a hat or a scarf can minimize the damage done. If you do choose a scarf, make sure you keep it a little bit loose; you don’t want it so tight that it cuts off circulation to your scalp, which can lead to a whole other kind of hair loss. If you find that wearing the hat or scarf leads to dandruff—sometimes the byproduct of sweatiness—then you may simply need to find a different, dandruff-fighting shampoo.

Don’t leave home with wet hair! It’ll take longer to dry in the cold weather, and while it’s wet the risk of breakage will be significant. If at all possible, allow enough time for your hair to air dry before you leave the house, or else gently dab it dry with a towel.

Ensure your head and hair stay hydrated. Simply drinking plenty of water can go a long way. You might also look into moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.

Try to avoid using hot styling products. Hot irons, blow dryers... any hair care appliance that generates heat can ultimately damage your hair, and make it more vulnerable to the winter elements. Try to find alternative ways to style your hair, if at all possible.

Don’t wash your hair in hot water. This may require a small sacrifice of your comfort, but washing your hair in warm or cool water—as opposed to extremely hot—can prevent you from doing unintended damage to it.

Go in for a winter trim—or two. Getting regular haircuts is vital, especially during winter. No matter the length of your hair, winter weather can leave it dry, brittle, and open to split ends. Regular trims can help you minimize this risk.

Maintain Healthy Hair Year-round

No matter the season, maintaining a healthy scalp and healthy hair can help you prevent hair loss—and that’s something that everyone can be excited about. To learn more about steps you can take to preserve healthy hair, or for solutions for hair loss you may already be facing, join us for a consultation at LH Hair.