Why is Hair Loss More Taboo for Women Than Men?
05 / 10 / 19

Why is Hair Loss More Taboo for Women Than Men?

The term 'hair loss' is most commonly associated with men. It is an expected and natural occurrence in men that happens during middle age. For women, the expectation is different. Women expect to maintain their full head of hair throughout their lives. However, the reality is quite different. An average of 60 million women experience some form of hair loss during their lifetime. While most men do not have a problem admitting to hair loss, the same is not true for women who tend to keep it to themselves. It has gained a reputation for being socially taboo. Women's hair is linked to self-esteem, feminity, and often times identity.

Hair Loss is Not Commonly Talked About

One of the main reasons that hair thinning and hair loss in women remains taboo is that it isn't talked about. Most women barely even admit hair loss to their closest friends and family. They handle the issue and seek treatment in confidence. In order to kick the stigma of hair loss, it is important that women discuss this issue, understand how common it is, and support each other.

Importance of Hair to Women's Identity

Most women take great care in choosing their hair length, style, and color. It's a big part of a woman's identity. We all know a woman, or maybe you are the woman who will only let a certain stylist cut her hair. Women try many different styles during their lifetime and it can change based on the stage of life. To lose something that is tied very closely to your identity can be devastating and lends itself to the unfair idea of hair loss in women being taboo.

Hair is Linked to Confidence

For most women, how they look on the outside is directly linked to how they feel on the inside. Hair plays a large role in feeling good. Understandably women who feel beautiful will exude a higher level of confidence which helps them perform better in their careers and social life. For women, being happy with their hair is a part of their overall self-esteem. Hair loss can lead to a lower level of confidence, which makes women less likely to seek support.

Hair is a Form of Self-Expression

Long hair, short hair, straight, curly, black, or red, the options are literally limitless when it comes to what women can do with their hair. There are so many different directions a woman can go that hair has definitely become a form of self-expression and part of what being a woman means. For many who experience even the slightest form of hair loss, it can feel as if they are less of a woman, even though this far from the truth.

The Experts in Women's Hair Loss

Unlike men, women do not openly talk about or share hair loss issues. It is perceived as an embarrassing situation. It shouldn't have to be a taboo topic. Most men lose their hair due to male pattern baldness, however, there are many reasons women experience hair thinning and hair loss. Female pattern baldness, alopecia, hormonal changes, and stress are just a few of the reasons that women may have hair loss.

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