Dry Scalp and Hair Loss?
02 / 14 / 19

What's the Link Between Dry Scalp and Hair Loss?

At LH Hair, we are all about educating people on different conditions involving the hair and scalp. Our hair loss specialists are educated on hair loss and want to help you gain your confidence back. There are tons of factors that can contribute to your hair and scalp not appearing it's best, and we're here to help you work through them!

In today's post, we're going to be talking about dry scalp and hair loss, two very different diagnoses that people around the world encounter. While symptoms sometimes overlap causing a bit of confusion a bit of knowledge goes a long way when discerning them!

All About Dry Scalp

Dry scalp occurs when the scalp isn't getting enough moisture. As a result, the skin on the scalp becomes irritated and flakes off. This is why dry scalp is often confused with dandruff! Just a side note — Dry scalp tends to produce smaller flakes than dandruff and often appears drier than dandruff.

Once you're sure that dry scalp is the culprit of those annoying flakes and persistent itchiness, what can you do the fix it? First, it's crucial to nail down the cause of your dry scalp. While you know a lack of moisture is ultimately the issue, you'll need to look deeper to find the root of your dryness. Harsh shampoos, shampoo residue, cold and dry air, hard water, dermatitis, and nutrient deficiencies are all possible triggers.

Itchiness, while an annoyance, isn't the only symptom of dry scalp. Hair loss is also a possible symptom. When a scalp is dry, the hair follicles can become damaged leading to brittle hair that is breakage-prone. The growth cycle can also be affected.

A Bit About Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by so many different things, including dry scalp. Other contributing factors are a poor diet, damaging styling techniques, stress, and of course genetics. Hair loss presents itself in such a wide variety of ways that it's been broken down into several different categories based on the potential causes and symptoms.

The most prominent symptom of hair loss is shedding and balding, both of which are easy to spot. The moment you feel like you are dealing with more than your hairs average shedding you should reach out to hair professional to help you figure out the best hair loss prevention methods for you!

As you can see, while dry scalp and hair loss may occur at the same time, they are two different situations. Dry scalp purely affects the scalp while hair loss can come from the root as well as breakage further down the strand. Dry scalp is all about moisture loss causing skin irritation while hair loss is all about the follicle not functioning correctly and the hair itself being damaged.

Treating Dry Scalp and Hair Loss

If you've been working towards treating either of the two but feel like you aren't getting anywhere, we have a few suggestions for you to try!

For dry scalp:

  • Up your water intake to ensure you're properly hydrated
  • Try swapping out your shampoo for something gentler
  • If you rinse with hot water you may be exacerbating the problem; try tepid water instead
  • Install a water softener and filter
  • Consult with your hair specialist at LH Hair for the best products to treat your specific situation

For hair loss:

  • Hair loss is something you should always seek professional advice for! By working with educated individuals who've been handling hair restoration and repair cases you can be comfortable knowing they know precisely how to help.

What if I have both dry scalp and hair loss?

  • Take a look at a Capila Head First program! This program has a proven track record of improving a variety of issues including both excessive oily/dry hair, and of course hair loss. The program begins with an intensive examination that gives us the information we need to produce a protocol that is perfect for your hair and scalp's exact needs.

Get To The Root Of The Problem

Do you want to learn more about the best ways to battle dry scalp and hair loss? Or maybe you're just curious about learning more about us here at LH Hair! We invite you to learn more about the different solutions we offer. We also offer free consultations with our hair loss specialists. You can give us a call at 704-567-7700 or send us a message to schedule an appointment.

Our educated staff are ready to lend their expertise to help you decipher the puzzles surrounding your hair. We can't wait to assist you on your hair care journey!