Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy This Winter
12 / 19 / 22

Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy This Winter

Winter is just around the corner. While the anticipation of hot chocolate, building snowmen, and skiing is exhilarating, winter also brings harsh, cold weather that can damage your hair. There should be no reason to miss out on winter's best. Protect your hair and partake in all of this seasons activities. Follow these tips for keeping your hair healthy this winter.

Maintain Regular Trims

It's tempting to let your locks grow out during cold weather and skip regular trims. However, scheduling trims every 6-8 weeks is still crucial. Regular trims minimize dry, split ends and breakage that can cause further damage to the hair shaft.

Keep Brushing to a Minimum

Brush your hair as little as possible during the winter months. Cold weather makes hair drier and more brittle. Overbrushing increases breakage and damage to the strands of hair which can leave thin spots.

Brush Only Dry Hair

Only brushing hair when dry is the best way to minimize damage to the strands and follicles. Brushing wet hair stretches the strands and increases the instances of breakage. Furthermore, applying a leave-in conditioner after washing is advisable to reduce tangles and remoisturize the strands. The conditioner acts as a seal and protects hair from cold temperatures and strong winds.

Dry Your Hair Before Going Out

Believe it or not, damp hair strands can actually freeze in cold temperatures. Strands of hair that freezes are more prone to breakage, which can lead to thinning. Protect your hair by always drying your hair before going outside or leaving home.

Wear Head Protection

In extreme winter weather conditions, there aren't enough precautions you can take to prevent damage to your hair. However, you can wear a hat to offer an additional layer of protection and keep your head of hair safe from the harsh winter elements. Although you do not want flat "hat hair," it is better than the alternative of damage and breakage due to cold temperatures and wind.

Opt for Lukewarm Water

Hot water is what we all crave after a long winter day. Don't jump on the bandwagon so fast. Hot water is not suitable for your hair. In fact, it will strip the scalp of natural oils that follicles need to grow and support healthy hair. It will also dry out strands of hair, making them brittle and prone to breakage. Instead, opt for lukewarm water or even cooler if you can handle it. You will be doing your hair and scalp a considerable favor this winter.

Reduce Your Washings

It is a common misconception that the more you wash your hair, the better. During the winter months, you should reduce the frequency you wash your hair to give your scalp's natural oils a chance to properly moisturize your hair. If your scalp is oily, use a gentle dry shampoo to remove the excess oil.

Avoid Excessive Heating Products

Using heated styling tools on your hair, such as curling and flat irons, is never advisable, especially during cold winter. Excessive heat dries your hair out, making it extremely fragile. Use heat on your hair as little as possible; if you must, use the lowest heat setting possible.

Is Your Hair Loss Something More?

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