Seek Hair Loss Treatment During National Hair Loss Awareness Month
08 / 13 / 20

Seek Hair Loss Treatment During National Hair Loss Awareness Month

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month and LH Hair strives to spread awareness to the millions of men and women who experience hair loss each year. Whether you are experiencing mild thinning or total hair loss, solutions are available to give you a full head of hair that will increase your confidence, helping you to feel and look your best.

Who is at Risk for Hair Loss?

Both men and women are at risk of experiencing some degree of hair loss. Men typically experience male-pattern baldness as they age, which results in complete hair loss. Women, on the other hand, tend to experience even thinning across the scalp. There are many reasons that an individual may experience hair loss.

Factors That Contribute to Hair Loss

Genetics tends to be the main cause of hair loss. This is especially true for male-pattern baldness in men. However, this isn't the only cause of hair loss in men and women. Excessive levels of androgens in the body can cause hair follicles to shrink and prevent the growth of new hair. This can happen in both men and women. For women, it tends to happen after menopause because their levels of estrogen drop, which then allows testosterone to have a greater effect on the body, including hair growth.

Health conditions and side effects of medications can also be a factor in hair loss. For instance, pregnancy, thyroid issues, and chemotherapy treatments are just a few examples of medications and illnesses that can cause an individual to lose their hair. In many cases, hair loss that falls into this category is temporary. Normal hair growth typically resumes once health has been restored and treatments stop.

As you know, stress can take a toll on the body, including hair growth. Excessive levels of stress for long periods of time can result in temporary hair loss. Severe trauma to the scalp and hair follicles can cause the follicles to be unable to produce new strands of hair. Finally, a diet lacking in essential nutrients to carry out crucial processes in the body and support healthy hair can cause growth to slow or stop until the required nutrients are restored.

Importance of Seeking Hair Loss Treatment

Attempting to cover balding or thin spots can be a huge source of frustration and take a toll on your self-confidence. If you are experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss, you do not have to live with it. LH Hair is dedicated to helping those experiencing hair loss to enjoy a full head of hair again. If you are experiencing temporary hair loss, our custom-made wigs, extensions, and toppers offer a simple solution until your natural hair has grown back. For those who need a more permanent solution, our hair restoration systems offer a long-lasting solution for men and women. They are made with real human hair and custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing hair. Maintenance is a breeze and you can wash and style your hair just as you did before. The best part of all is that you are limited as to what you can do when wearing your hair restoration system. It is designed for even the most active lifestyles, including running and swimming.

If you are experiencing hair loss, you aren't alone. As LH Hair celebrates National Hair Loss Awareness Month, we encourage you to seek the hair loss treatment that you've always wanted and regain your confidence in a whole new way! Our professional stylists will conduct a thorough hair and scalp analysis and discuss your options that best suit your needs. Schedule your free consultation today!