Scalp Conditions That Cause Hair Loss
11 / 08 / 16

Scalp Conditions That Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by any number of factors. The list begins with hereditary factors, but also encompasses medical illnesses and treatments, sudden weight loss, and even psychiatric conditions. Also included on the list are various conditions of the scalp. Essentially, you need your scalp to be a clean, healthy place for hair to grow—but when your scalp is affected by one of these adverse conditions, it can cause your hair to fall out or to stop growing.

The good news is that this hair loss may be temporary, but you need to have the problem diagnosed and treated sooner rather than later. Over time, these scalp conditions can lead to scarring, which can make the hair loss permanent!

Scalp Conditions and Hair Loss

The question is, what are some of the most common scalp conditions that contribute to hair loss? Our list is by no means exhaustive, but these are some of the ones you’re most likely to run into.


When the hair follicles are invaded by fungi, viruses, or bacteria, they can become infected—a condition known as folliculitis. The symptoms might include red bumps, blisters, itchiness, or tender skin—and also hair loss, usually in clumps. This hair loss is almost always temporary, unless you have a really severe case and you let it go untreated.

Tinea Capitis

You may know this one by its more common name, ringworm of the scalp. It’s a form of fungal infection in which pus-filled pores and little round legions are among the most common symptoms. Ringworm also causes the hair to break off, usually leaving bald patches of skin exposed—but again, prompt treatment with an anti-fungal will usually ensure that the hair loss is temporary.

Lichen Planus

This condition is not well understood, but is thought to be an autoimmune disorder in which the white blood cells attack healthy skin. The result can be red and extremely itchy skin, and in some cases major irritation of the scalp. Unfortunately, hair loss that results from this condition is often permanent.


This skin condition leads to scaling; your skin literally becomes covered in crusted plaques of skin, often leading to sort of a powdery appearance. When you have psoriasis of the scalp it can lead to major hair loss, but the good news is that it usually ends up being temporary.

Get Treatment for Scalp Conditions

No matter your scalp condition, it’s important to have it evaluated sooner rather than later. To rule out any underlying medical conditions, be sure to consult with your primary care physician. And, regardless of any medical issues, the sooner you attend to your scalp condition, the better chance of minimizing permanent damage. As a Head First Certified Hair Renewal Center, LH Hair can provide you with a scalp and hair trichological examination, which will show you the condition of your scalp and hair follicles and make appropriate treatment recommendations. Come see us for a consultation today!