Dry Scalp and Hair Loss?
09 / 14 / 18

Is There a Connection Between a Dry Scalp and Hair Loss?

There are a lot of possible reasons for hair loss -- medical treatments like chemotherapy, excessive and prolonged stress, poor nutrition and certain illnesses are among them -- but can a dry scalp actually lead to hair loss?

How A Dry Scalp Affects Hair Follicles

Just as there are numerous possible reasons for hair loss, there are also many potential causes of dry scalp. It can be as simple as using a harsh shampoo and/or not rinsing your scalp thoroughly when shampooing, or as complicated as failing to get the nutrients needed to properly nourish the scalp. Sometimes, a dry scalp can have a fungal cause -- seborrheic dermatitis, for example, can cause the scalp to become dry and flaky. A build-up of chemicals from products can also cause your scalp to dry out, as can a build-up of minerals from everyday use of hard water.

Whatever is causing your dry scalp, the end result can be malfunctioning sebaceous glands. These glands are what regulate the amount of oil that breaks through the surface of skin to keep your scalp properly moisturized. Too much sebum means an oily scalp, while too little results in a dry scalp. With a dry scalp, the hair follicles -- sacs made up of cells with various functions into which the sebaceous glands open -- can become damaged. The hair itself becomes dry, brittle and prone to breakage. As a result, the hair growth cycle itself can become affected and hair loss can result.

How to Restore Balance to a Dry Scalp

Assuming that your hair thinning or loss is caused by a dry scalp, there are several steps you can take to try to restore balance and stop losing hair. Strategies include

  • drinking more water to ensure that your body is properly hydrated
  • using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo
  • rinsing with tepid -- rather than very warm -- water, and making sure to rinse thoroughly
  • fixing a hard water problem by installing a water softener
  • cleaning up your diet by cutting out junk foods and sweets and ramping up your
  • consumption of nutrient-rich foods like fresh (or frozen) fruits and vegetables and lean protein
  • applying a moisture-rich scalp treatment as recommended by a hair-loss expert like our professional staff at LH Hair in Charlotte, North Carolina

Taking the All-Important First Step

If you're experiencing hair loss from a dry scalp, your very first step should be to arrange an appointment with a hair loss professional at LH Hair, serving Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding region. Our caring staff understands how frightening and disheartening hair loss can be, and our number one mission is to listen to your concerns and find the perfect solution for whatever may be causing your hair loss.

Because we're owned by women and we specialize in women's hair loss (although we also have years of experience addressing men's hair loss issues as well), you can feel completely confident that you'll be speaking with hair loss experts in a private setting who are well versed in all of the very latest hair loss and restoration strategies and techniques!

You'll have a private consultation with our trichologist (a doctor specializing in hair and scalp issues), and you'll leave with a plan of action that might include options you didn't even know existed! And because a healthy scalp is the foundation for healthy hair, you'll get a free comprehensive scalp analysis along with a print-out that shows the current condition of your scalp and hair follicles, along with personal, individualized recommendations. Why not take the first step and contact us at LH Hair today? You'll be so glad you did!