How to Grow Healthier Eyebrows
01 / 20 / 17

How to Grow Healthier Eyebrows

Improve Your Nutrient Intake

First things first: You know that old saying about how you are what you eat? Well, in a lot of ways, it’s true. Your body needs certain nutrients to support proper hair growth—and that includes eyebrow growth. If you don’t have the eyebrows you want, you might start by evaluating your diet, and by ensuring that you’re consuming a wide array of colorful fruits and vegetables each day. In particular, look for Vitamin B and Vitamin D. Supplements can also work well.

Increase Your Water Intake

Along the same lines... your body needs water to function properly, to flush harmful toxins, and to ensure that everything’s working as it’s supposed to. Drinking plenty of water, and remaining hydrated throughout the day, really can help you to grow more hair, faster. Again, this includes eyebrow hair!

Try Some Castor Oil

Here’s a home remedy you may not have heard of before. For years, people have used castor oil to promote hair growth, and it’s especially useful for smaller areas—like, say, your eyebrows! Get just a drop or two of castor oil on your finger and dab it onto the area where you want to encourage some hair growth. Do it daily, and after a month or so you may very well see some results! Yes, that’s a long time to wait, but it’s also a small step to take for improved eyebrow growth.

Don’t Forget the Coconut Oil!

Another home remedy we recommend: Get some organic coconut oil (easy to find at the grocery store) and dab a little bit onto the area you want to grow hair, just like with the castor oil. Do this before bed in the evening, and then wash the oil off in the morning. Again, the results won’t be overnight, but this really is an approach that many find to be effective.

What else can you do to promote healthy hair growth? Come see us at LH Hair, and learn more about the healthy hair solutions we can provide! Contact us today, or just swing by!