How to Choose a Hair System?
09 / 11 / 19

How to Choose a Hair System?

Hair plays a vital role in who we are, not only in how others see us but also in how we see ourselves. Many men and women believe that hair loss is an inevitable fact of life, but fortunately today, there are proven and effective methods for hair restoration. While the choices may seem overwhelming at first, today's hair systems can achieve an undetectable look that perfectly matches your natural hair.

Science and technology have enabled us to have a greater understanding of the causes of hair loss. When it comes to product options and selections, there are more high-quality hair replacement systems and alternatives than ever before. Choosing the best option and achieving the desired results begins with a free scalp and hair analysis. This professional consultation provides a non-invasive way to identify the cause of your thinning hair, and our experts will develop a custom hair loss solution.

Hair Restoration Systems For Men

Non-surgical hair restoration systems for men are an increasingly popular way to deal with hair loss, and to regain your confidence by helping you to look and feel like yourself again.

In the past, coping with hair loss meant choosing between a hairpiece or invasive surgery. Non-surgical hair implants, or hair grafts, take advantage of the latest technology to create a non-surgical solution to hair loss. Hair grafts are a non-surgical implant system that offers an affordable option to hair restoration surgery while providing lifelike results.

Non-surgical hair implant systems are like a hairpiece in that synthetic or real human hair is added to the scalp. Embedded in a thin, invisible membrane that bonds to your scalp, each hair graft is meticulously placed in a pattern the follows your natural hair.

Each hair restoration system is custom-designed to fit your individual needs and provide a look that's completely natural and healthy. Hair restoration systems provide permanent results with no surgical intervention and minimal maintenance.

Hair Restoration Systems For Women

Science and a better understanding of the causes of hair loss have allowed for the development of hair restoration systems for women that offer a long-lasting solution without the need for surgical intervention. Our hair systems for women, created with all-natural human hair, are low-maintenance and can accommodate any lifestyle.

Non-surgical Hair Grafts

Non-surgical hair implant systems are an excellent long term solution for women. The latest technology, combined with synthetic, hypoallergenic material, or 100% real human hair, offers the results of more invasive surgical grafting at a more affordable cost. The benefits of non-surgical hair implant systems also include the variety of replacement materials, increased styling potential, and quick results.

Cascade Effect

The Cascade Effect system is a unique hair restoration method for integrating additional hair with your natural hair. Created by an innovator in the hair replacement field, The Cascade Effect was developed explicitly for women. The Cascade Effect offers an undetectable option that uses no adhesives, requires no special care, naturally adding fullness to your existing hair and creating a cascade of hair.

Hair Integration

Hair integration is a process where replacement hair is added to your natural hair. A variety of application methods are used, giving us the ability to create the perfect solution by adjusting the amount of added hair as hair loss progresses. The process is fully customized, offering an array of colors, styles, and textures that integrate additional hair with your natural hair to provide fuller coverage. Hair integration allows you to match your style while taking steps to protect your existing hair.

Your First Step

The first step to addressing your hair loss is a visit to our studio. Our hair loss experts will provide you with a free scalp and hair analysis, which will determine the cause of your thinning hair and create a plan to address your specific needs. Our expert will thoroughly explain the available solutions and guide you on the best options for your head.

Your best guide to choosing which hair system adequately fits your needs is the experts at LH Hair. To schedule your free consultation and learn more about choosing the best hair system for you contact us today.