How to Care for Your Scalp
04 / 13 / 17

How to Care for Your Scalp

It’s important to have a healthy scalp—especially if you desire long, full, healthy hair. After all, your scalp is where the hair grows—and if you want it to grow properly, you need to provide it with a safe, healthy environment. It is no great surprise that those who have unhealthy scalps tend to have hair loss, as well. In fact, much of the hair loss we see here at LH Hair is rooted in scalp issues.

One of the best things you can to to promote healthy hair growth is to learn the basics of scalp care. Here are a few tips to get you started.

How to Maintain a Healthy Scalp

Brush Your Hair

Use a hairbrush to gently brush your hair and scalp—preferably before you jump into the shower. This helps remove some of the dead skin cells that can otherwise clog your follicles. An important caveat to this, though, is to invest in a natural-bristle brush rather than a plastic one, and to replace your brush when it starts to show a lot of wear and tear. A bad brush can do more harm than good.

Be Gentle in Your Shampooing

Quite often, when someone notices hair loss, they tend to start shampooing less frequently thinking that the process is causing increased hair loss. In theory it seems practical when you're counting the hairs in the drain. However, this is false thinking. Most hair loss issues start with the scalp and so daily hygiene is recommended. A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair.

More importantly are the products that are being used. Many shampoos and conditioners either leave an oily residue on the scalp or dry it out and cause dandruff. It's important to diagnose your unique situation and determine a regiment of shampoos, conditioners and emulsions that will carefully cleanse and nourish your scalp and hair.

At LH Hair, we can do a close examination of your scalp in a free consultation that will allow us to prescribe a treatment program customized to your needs.

Protect Your Scalp from the Sun

Now that it’s summer time, it is more important than ever to keep your scalp from getting dried out or burned. When you’re outside for long periods of time, we recommend wearing either a hat or a scarf to minimize the blistering effects of the sun. Before swimming, whether it's a pool, lake or ocean, rinse your hair with clean water. This will help reduce the absorption of salt and chemicals that can damage your hair. Afterwards, be sure to wash and condition your hair.

Don’t Ignore Flakes

Flakes of dandruff aren’t merely embarrassing. They are telltale signs that your scalp is in real trouble—that it’s not being cared for properly. If you see dandruff recurring, it’s best to have your scalp evaluated by a professional. Come to LH Hair for a consultation and we’ll figure out what you can do to restore your scalp to full health.

Learn More About Scalp Care

We’d love to talk with you more about scalp care, and to show you some products and solutions that can make your scalp a safe, healthy environment for hair growth. Learn more by joining us at LH Hair in Charlotte, North Carolina today.