How Can the Right Topical Treatment Promote Hair Regrowth?
02 / 04 / 20

How Can the Right Topical Treatment Promote Hair Regrowth?

The list of reasons men and women may experience hair loss could touch the sky. Certain types of hair loss, such as male pattern baldness are permanent, but there are many other reasons for temporary hair loss. In the case of temporary hair loss, you may only require non-invasive topical regrowth products to help speed up natural hair growth. Our professional and experienced stylists here at LH Hair can determine if you are an ideal candidate for topical hair regrowth treatments. This is your guide to topical regrowth products and why it may be the right hair loss solution for you.

Causes of Temporary Hair Loss

There are many events in life that can lead to temporary hair loss. Normal hair growth typically resumes once the situation is resolved. Causes of temporary hair loss include:

  • Severe and prolonged stress
  • Inadequate diet - your hair needs certain nutrients for proper growth
  • Pregnancy and menopause - hormonal changes can cause hair loss
  • Surgery
  • Medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, thyroid conditions, cancer, heart problems, etc.
  • Medications such as chemotherapy and anticoagulants can cause hair loss

In cases of temporary hair loss, the primary concern isn't whether or not the hair will grow back, it is promoting your natural hair to grow back faster. It takes time for natural hair to grow back long after the situation that caused the temporary hair loss to occur has ended. In these cases, instead of a hair restoration system, it may be that all you need are topical regrowth hair products.

What Are Topical Regrowth Hair Products?

Topical regrowth hair products are creams or ointments that are applied to the areas of the scalp that are affected by hair loss or hair thinning. Topical regrowth treatments work by stimulating the hair follicle into producing new hair growth. The purpose of regrowth products is to not only promote new hair growth but help thicken areas of your hair that are thinning.

While topical hair regrowth products will not permanently prevent or stop hair loss, it can slow the progression and may promote new hair regrowth. This can allow you to have more of your natural hair for a longer period of time.
We are proud to be the very first certified hair renewal center for the Capilia Head First Program in both North Carolina and South Carolina. All of our Head First Products by Capilia are environmentally friendly and made for all types of skin and hair. These topical treatments contain natural active ingredients and are great for in-salon treatments and at-home use.

When May Topical Regrowth Creams Be Appropriate?

Here at LH Hair, we offer a variety of topical regrowth products that can help individuals in a variety of situations. Our stylists may recommend topical regrowth treatments to enhance the effects of hair restoration treatments. This may also be an ideal solution for those who experienced a situation that caused temporary hair loss and are waiting on their natural hair to grow back. Topical regrowth treatments can help speed up the process.

Lastly, topical regrowth treatments may be beneficial for those who are experiencing hair thinning and are not quite ready to seek permanent hair loss solutions.

Partner With the Leading Hair Restoration Studio in Charlotte

Here at LH Hair, we understand that everyone's situation is unique and yours may not require a full hair restoration system. Topical hair regrowth treatments may be just what you need to have a head of hair you can be proud of again. We understand that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, which is why our specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your scalp as well as your hair. No matter which hair restoration solution you choose, your stylist will ensure both your scalp and your hair are in the healthiest condition possible. Contact us today to schedule a free confidential hair consultation.