Hair Restoration Explained
12 / 21 / 17

Hair Extensions and Hair Restoration Explained

We all want to glance in the mirror and be confident with what we see. But when you start to notice your hair not as full as you would like, extensions are a great option for adding volume or length. On the other hand, if you are actively losing your hair, there are better hair restoration solutions over hair extensions. This post will help you better understand the difference when deciding between the two.

Hair Extensions

Extensions are a popular option to create dramatic styles. If you find yourself with a full head of hair, but lacking in either coverage, length, or color, extensions can be a great enhancement to flesh out the style you’re looking for. You can go with human hair or synthetic hair extensions and there are advantages to each:

  • Human Hair Extensions cost a bit more, but last longer and offer complete versatility to be styled just like you would with your own hair - heating tools and all! With proper care, these will last you about a year.
  • Synthetic hair is cheaper and many options feels just like human hair, but you will need to be cautious of whether you have a synthetic extension that can withstand heating.. While less versatile and unable to be color treated, synthetics are pre-styled right out of the box for you. Depending on the type and usage of a synthetic model, it may last anywhere from 2- 6 months.

When choosing the hair for your extensions, it is critical to match your hairs color and texture as close to your natural hair as possible to achieve the best results. A hair specialist's skillset is needed to precisely determine the right color and correctly attach the extensions. At LH Hair, our team members will listen to your preferences to help you find hair extensions that will be a replica of your existing hair color and undetectable when added.

Hair Restoration

When your hair is distinctively thinning from what it used to be or you notice signs of hair loss, it can be unnerving to see tangible losses to your locks. If this fits your situation -  don’t worry! You are not alone! In fact, 40 percent of women have visible hair loss by age 40. Advances in technology have provided many proven hair solutions to help you love your hair again! No matter what the cause of your thinning hair or hair loss, at LH Hair we have a solution that you will love.

What’s The Next Step?

A scalp analysis is strongly recommended as the first step so that you can figure out if something more serious is in play. We completely understand your situation and that is why we offer free confidential consultations. This way you can have the peace of mind and understand your options before you go out of your way spending money on the wrong solutions or treatment methods. We consistently offer the cutting-edge of technology to provide you with the best options to transform your look!

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