Fast-Food & Follicles
04 / 11 / 18

Fast-Food & Follicles: Why Poor Nutrition Could Cause Hair Loss

We all indulge in the occasional drive-thru snack, but did you know overindulgence in poor dietary supplements could lead to hair loss? As with exercise and hygienic habits, your diet has the potential to affect (and disrupt) your overall health. And, yes, that includes the growth of your locks.

At LH Hair, we see hair loss of all kinds, stemming from a wide variety of underlying factors. We also see a distinct lack of education when it comes to some of the most common and preventable causes. Today, we'll be exploring how a diet that heavily consists of fast-food could be the root of your thinning or patchy hair.

Does Fast-Food Cause Baldness?

Though eating fries from the nearest drive-thru won't make your hair fall out with a single serving, the potential long-term effects certainly exist. If your primary diet consists of fast-food, your nutritional intake is likely to be missing some important staples. The nutritional content of virtually all fast-food menus is very poor, causing nutrient deficiencies in those whose caloric intake relies on them. Unfortunately, fast-food is a cheap dietary substitution for a substantial number of people, many of whom do not realize the importance of a well-balanced diet. 

Fast-food is high in sodium, carbohydrates, fats, and calories, but lacks many of the nutritional building blocks that are important for a healthy body and healthy hair. Additionally, the low-quality foods found on a fast-food menu are often eaten in place of nutrient-dense foods (fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.) rather than paired with them. This makes it even more difficult to meet the recommended intake of the vitamins and minerals that are most essential for your body.       

So, What Nutrients Does My Hair Need?  

As we've mentioned time and again, the health of your hair is a direct reflection of your overall health. So, eating a double bacon cheeseburger with a large side of onion rings may sound tasty, but you can't let it become a dietary habit. Not only will this kind of diet cause weight gain, skin problems, and make your more susceptible to heart disease, but the growth of your hair could be disrupted.

Below, we've put together a list of some of the most important nutrients your hair relies on. You won't find meaningful servings of these nutrients on any fast-food menu (unless you're ordering a salad or fruit cup). Take a look!

  • Iron - Low iron levels have been linked to hair loss. Find it in red meat, legumes, and leafy vegetables
  • Inositol - Necessary for follicle health at the cellular level. Find it in whole grains and citrus 
  • Zinc - Strengthens the protein structure that makes up the follicle. Find it in oysters, nuts, sweet potatoes, and spinach
  • Biotin - Helps produce keratin to strengthen hair. Find it in whole grains, egg yolks, and milk
  • Vitamin A - Produces healthy sebum on the scalp. Find it in meat, milk, spinach, broccoli, and carrots
  • Vitamin C - Provides general support for skin and hair health. Find it in citrus, strawberries, tomatoes, and pineapple
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Prevents inflammation of the hair follicles, leading to stronger strands. Find it in fish and nuts

At LH Hair we know all about hair loss. Whether you are just beginning to notice a receding hairline or have experienced full-blown thinning, we can help. We can also provide a free consultation to determine what is causing your hair loss and develop a personalized hair loss solution program. If you would like to learn more, please contact us. Our friendly, highly-trained staff is ready to give you quality care, discreet service, and personalized attention. Let us help you reclaim your hair and your confidence!