Facts That All Balding Men Should Know
11 / 21 / 18

Facts That All Balding Men Should Know

Men who are losing their hair know the feeling that they get when they look in the mirror and realize that their hairline seems to be going back even further. They tend to feel self-conscious as if they are the only person in the world who is going through this. In reality, this could not be more wrong! When you are noticing that there is more hair in your comb than there was yesterday, you may start to feel a little anxious about it. Below, we have listed some facts that all balding men should know.

How Does Age Impact Hair Loss?

It is a fact that two-thirds of the male population will experience some hair loss by the time they are 35 years old. Of course, some will experience it more severely than others. There are men who may be completely bald by this time, and others who may not even notice their hair loss. Remember that every man is different, and everyone experiences hair loss in a different way.

Male Pattern Baldness is not only common, but it is also completely normal. In fact, by the age of 50, half of the male population experiences hair loss. Although everyone loses up to 100 hairs per day, keep in mind that there are many men who find that they have overall thinning of the hair by their 50th birthday. You are certainly not alone.

Male Pattern Baldness Is Out Of Your Control

It's a myth that male pattern baldness is passed down through genes from maternal relatives. In fact the hair loss gene can come from either side, maternal or paternal. Over 250 genes contribute to male pattern baldness, so it may be completely out of your control. While these genes control your destiny, there are ways to slow down the hair loss.

Trichology, the study of the scalp and hair follicles, has become an important aspect for the hair loss industry. Understanding that by treating scalp conditions that escalate hair loss and stimulating more blood flow to the hair follicles, the progression of hair loss can be reversed or slowed. At LH Hair, our Capilia Head First program is designed to identify scalp problems and a treatment program is customized to fit your unique situation. This program is designed to provide in-studio and at-home treatment that will surprise even the worst skeptic!

Shaving The Hair Will Not Cause It To Grow Back Thicker

There are many people who believe that shaving the hair can cause it to grow back. Although this has long been believed by many, it is actually a myth. Hair loss begins in the hair follicle and shaving simply cuts hair at the surface. In fact, if the hair follicle is dying and has not released the last strand of hair, shaving that hair may result in immediate baldness. At LH Hair we can show you microscopic pictures of your scalp and hair follicles and help identify what's happening. Through this analysis, your LH Hair certified Head First technician and provide a treatment protocol that will help stimulate new hair growth.

There Is A Difference Between Male Pattern Baldness And Hair Loss

Certain types of hair loss can be caused by stress, hormone changes and other factors. Male Pattern Baldness is actually hereditary. However, some men may find themselves losing their hair and feel that they are "balding" when the hair loss is actually caused by other factors, such as stress, medication, illness or changes in hormone levels. Male Pattern Baldness is permanent, whereas some other types of hair loss are not.

While your primary medical physician does not treat hair loss, it is important to start with them to make sure there is no underlying health issues. Then, regardless of the reason, LH Hair can then help you treat you restore health to your scalp, which is pertinent to healthy hair.

Male Pattern Baldness Only Affects Scalp Hairs

Many men who are experiencing Male Pattern Baldness may fear that they will lose facial hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Male Pattern Baldness only affects top of the head. An auto-immune disease called Alopecia Totalis affects hair on the head such as top of head, eyelashes, eyebrows and Alopecia Universalis which causes hair loss on the entire body. Your medical doctor can help you identify if it's hereditary or medical.

At LH Hair, we have several solutions to help you with your hair line. The first course of action is Head First. By treating the scalp and creating a healthier environment, you can actually regrow hair or slow down hair loss. To identify your options, come in for a free microscopic hair evaluation. We are sensitive to your needs and concerns and do everything we can to help you look and feel your best! Our solutions are safe and easy, and our wide range of options ensures that there is something to meet the needs of everyone. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us for a free consultation today.