Does Creatine Use Cause Hair Loss?
03 / 15 / 19

Does Creatine Use Cause Hair Loss?

Many of us enjoy the use of supplements with our daily diet. From weight loss to weight gain, a variety of supplements are available for our use, and can easily be purchased. The number of supplements on the market is extensive and readily available.

Supplements are overall awesome and have positive benefits. For those of us looking to build our muscle mass and improve our health through bodybuilding, one of those available supplements is creatine. Despite its popularity, creatine is the center of another health concern and its relation to hair loss.

What is Creatine?

In more recent years, creatine is the most popular supplement option for fitness. It is used to build muscle mass, add protein to diets, and enhance energy in the individual. Creatine is already found in our bodies, stored in muscle masses. It resembles amino acids in its functions and properties, becoming an agent that adds to performance during exercise, and it all natural. Adding creatine supplements enhance that natural substance for muscle mass growth and allows you to really dig in when exercising.

Popular among men and women in bodybuilding fitness, creatine is used frequently and for long periods of time. Daily use of creatine is common for these individuals. Many find it to be a dietary supplement for years due to their fitness regimen. Because of this consistent use, there have been some concerns from society and researchers. Since its continued use over the last decade, some have wondered if the supplement is a cause for hair loss. Because of this concern, studies have been made regarding the process of creatine and how it affects.

Should You Be Concerned?

Studies have shown that creatine is not directly related to hair loss. Because of the way creatine is stored in muscles and functions with the body hormones, there is no evidence in studies to suggest it is a cause for hair loss. It appears that those using the supplement often have other causes that contribute to their personal hair loss that is underlying and not affiliated with the substance.

Creatine has in fact been one of the most studied supplements on the market at this time, with no evidence of any side effects that would upset appearance or diminish health. If you are currently using creatine to enhance muscles and feel your best with your best body, then, by all means, continue with your supplement. Creatine has only one goal and that is to assist you with your personal fitness goals.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Since creatine has no evidence to support it aiding hair loss, those who are experiencing hair loss and taking creatine should consider other hair loss alternative causes. If you have no history of prior hair loss, then you should review your diet and stress level. Poor iron intake or extreme stress has the potential to cause hair loss. Make sure that your diet consists of all of your nutrients.

If you have recently undergone a stressful event, hair loss can be contributed to emotional trauma or high-stress level affecting the growth of your hair. The best way to treat hair loss, no matter the cause is to identify what is causing it, and move forward in a solution.

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