Do Biotin Supplements Help with Hair Loss?
07 / 18 / 19

Do Biotin Supplements Help with Hair Loss?

The potential of hair loss is something many of us think about, and no one looks forward to. Yet all of us experience hair loss every day. It's a natural process. We see it in our combs, brushes, and the shower drain. But, what we really fear is the more extensive loss that can come from a variety of reasons. For some substantial hair loss can become a reality.

What about Biotin?

Men and women read any articles they come across on the subject. We are looking for new-found cures. And, there we are at the drugstore staring at the vitamin aisle looking for possible solutions to a problem we may or may not have. What about biotin? Will it help prevent hair loss, or regrow hair?

Biotin, also referred to as Vitamin H or B7, can help strengthen hair and give it body. It aids in keeping healthy hair. It can also help strengthen nails. But, honestly, unless you have a "real" biotin deficiency, it isn't going to prevent hair loss. And, a biotin deficiency isn't common although it can be associated with pregnancy, but generally only in a marginal deficiency.

Because of the rarity of any substantial biotin deficiency, there is no recommended daily allowance by the Food and Drug Administration, nor is it addressed for content is many foods.

Vitamins for a Healthy Scalp & Hair

Most doctors and other experts agree that the key to a healthy head of hair comes from a healthy scalp, and to achieve that you need to have the proper diet which includes the daily minimums of vitamins and minerals per your sex, age, and health. There's good reasoning as to why Omega 3's remain a hot topic for overall health and hair. Vitamins C and E contribute their antioxidant properties to help combat stress-induced hair loss. And, a loss in iron, especially found in women, can also be a contributing hair loss factor. Iron supplementation can help prevent hair loss, is low-iron is a reason for the loss.

But when it comes to supplements, one can overdo it. Many of us are mixing and matching what vitamins we "think" we need. And, while some of those are simply expelled from the body if not utilized, still others can become elevated within us, and result in other health issues. It is always best to consult your physician or nutritionist regarding just what vitamins you should or should not supplement. Make sure you are honest with your advisor and yourself about your true diet, so you can receive the best advice possible.

Hair Loss Treatments

At LH Hair's studio in Charlotte, we specialize in hair loss treatments and solutions for women and men. We understand that hair is a defining factor for many of us, and it's an expression of our own individual personality.

The staff at LH Hair offers a free scalp and hair analysis during which we can help determine if and how much of a hair loss problem you are having, and what the contributing factors may be. Of course, if we feel there may be a health issue involved, we will refer you back to your physician for consultation.

Whatever the reasoning, LH Hair can help provide a wide array of solutions specifically addressing your own needs and desires. For men, such as non-surgical implants, weaving, or polygraft replacement. For women, such as hair integration, non-surgical grafting, or developing a cascade effect. We also offer different trichological treatments such as Capilia Head First. This is a great option for hair loss prevention and rejuvenation.

Why wait? Schedule your free analysis with us today and let's get you back to that confident state and feeling of well-being.