Can Hair Loss Impact Your Career?
12 / 14 / 17

Can Hair Loss Impact Your Career?

Your resume is updated and pristine, you've picked out the perfect interview outfit, and you're overqualified for the job, but could the state of your hair hurt your chances? Hair loss is common, but if you're on the hunt for a new job, that common issue could have a negative impact.

Unfortunately, hair loss affects first impressions, assumptions about age and hygiene, and is tied to societal stigmas of beauty. Though it is unlikely that thinning hair will be the sole reason you don't get the job, it could be a factor.  

Hair Loss and Ageism

Hair loss can add 10 to 20 years to your appearance. Even though hair loss can occur at any age, it is heavily associated with older generations. Of course, being mistaken for an older person is not something that most people see as a compliment, but it can also lead to assumptions about your health or your ability to "keep up."

Ageism is prominent in our society full of flashy advertisements and young models. The need to be young and vibrant is eternal, and the sentiment is also reflected in the corporate world.   

Ageism in the Workplace

Many of the world's biggest companies are looking to recruit young, well-educated employees fresh out of college. The idea is to grab as many bright, moldable, young people as possible with the hope of training them and keeping them onboard for the long haul.

Pushing your way into a new work environment is always a tough endeavor, but if your hair is contributing to whether you are viewed as an older prospect, you may be fighting against ageism. Your interviewer may not see as much potential for your future if they believe you are older.

This is not to say that hair loss will prevent you from getting a job. Ageism is subjective and, often, subconscious associations are made regarding your stress levels, your age, and your overall health.        

Business Bias

Beyond ageism, there is a certain stylishness expected (and rewarded) in corporate environments. Several studies have concluded that "good-looking" people are paid higher salaries. This takes into account not only youth, but also style, looks, and hair. Many businesses strive to create a culture of cool in an effort to make their brand seem young and hip. Hair loss doesn't fit in with this image, and could even become a factor in getting promotions.

Impacting Your Mentality

Above all, hair loss is a personal issue and everyone handles it differently. Some people take it in stride, others choose to shave their heads, and others allow it to upset their confidence. If hair loss affects your confidence and the way you carry yourself in an interview or around the office, it could tarnish how others perceive you.

Don't let hair loss control you or make you feel inferior to others. It's all in your head (so to speak). In the end, the level at which hair loss negatively impacts you at work or on a job search can't necessarily be determined. But if you feel that it is changing your personality and eating at your confidence, it's time for a change. 

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