Buying Wigs Online Is Risky Business
10 / 08 / 19

Buying Wigs Online Is Risky Business

Imagine having the freedom to change your hairstyle within minutes to a whole new look, in a fabulous style with the perfect color! This is the greatest benefit for both women and men when choosing to wear a wig. Without the hours of fussing, styling and coloring you can have a gorgeous head of hair that guarantees a great hair day, every day.

Convenience for Hair Loss and Fashion

Wigs provide a simple, yet stylish solution for hair loss. When your hair is thinning or you are losing it for medical reasons, at LH Hair we provide beautiful wigs that perfectly match the natural color and texture of your own hair. If your interest is in fashionable new looks, we can fit you with wigs that achieve the dramatic transformation you seek.

Can I Buy My Wig Online?

While wigs are certainly available to purchase online, there are risks to consider before you do. One of the first things people notice about us is our hair - it is an essential part of our personality. How we feel about our hair often reflects how we feel about ourselves. Having great hair is a boost to our self-confidence and the ease we feel when interacting with others. With this in mind, most of us would prefer that when we reach the point of buying a wig, we have the assurance of receiving one that meets our expectations.

Risks Of Buying A Wig Online

The most obvious risk to ordering a wig from an online store, is that you do not have the option to try it on first. If you were planning to buy an elegant dress or suit for a special occasion, you would definitely prefer to try it on for the correct fit. For a purchase as important as a wig, trying it on for comfort and appearance is a must!
There are more reasons to be cautious about buying a wig online:

  • It is almost impossible to see what a wig really looks like from a picture on a website - regardless of the description, the variables such as synthetic hair, human hair and thickness of hair might be shocking when it arrives at your door.
  • Hair comes in an almost infinite variety of colors, so when you order what you believed was a blonde wig, what you get could be so far off the color of your natural hair, or the color you were expecting, it seems like a complete waste of your time.
  • The wig you saw and decided to buy looked great on the model wearing it, but when you received the delivery and tried it on, you realized that it simply does not suit the shape of your face.
  • Depending on how the wig is manufactured, there are a few different methods for securing it in place, and with no one there to show you how to wear it correctly, you might lose it on a windy day.

Advantages Of Buying A Wig In Person

At LH Hair, our philosophy is that choosing a wig is an essential part of restoring your look or creating a new one. The wigs we offer are created to suit your individual preferences and lifestyle needs. We match your wig to your particular hair type. We will offer you a wig that fits properly, and create a wig with the correct cap measurements.

We love working with wigs to give you the style you want, in the color, length and cut that makes you look your best. Schedule a free consultation today to find out what is really possible for gorgeous hair that looks great and makes you feel fantastic.