Trichology Matters
07 / 14 / 16

At LH Hair, Trichology Matters

What’s the secret to having full, healthy, voluminous hair that lasts a lifetime? The answer is closely tied up with trichology—a sub-field of dermatology that deals with the overall health and wellness of the scalp. Without a healthy scalp, it’s tough to have healthy hair; in fact, scalp diseases and disorders are among the leading causes of hair loss, even though most individuals who have these conditions aren’t even aware of it! Being more proactive about scalp health, can lead to a fuller, more robust head of hair. That’s what trichology is all about—and in turn, it’s what we’re all about here at LH Hair.

Head First Certified

Trichology is so fundamental to what we do that we can now proudly say we are a Head First Certified Hair Renewal Center. What this means is that our stylists and technicians are all formally trained in using the array of Head First topical products and scalp treatments. We can conduct a painless, non-invasive microscopic evaluation of your scalp and identify conditions that you may not be aware of; and we can provide a treatment regimen to improve your scalp health and create better conditions for growing thick, full hair.

The initial evaluation is so important, because it allows us to determine exactly how to proceed in your treatment. The solutions we then provide can help you fight the top six most common signs of aging or unhealthy hair—which include:

  • Thinning
  • Breaking and split ends
  • Dullness
  • Dryness
  • Oily scalp
  • Unruly gray

Why Choose LH Hair?

Another important note to make is that all of the trichology products we provide are both green/biodegradable and doctor endorsed. In other words, they’re good for you and for the environment. We will never recommend any products that are anything less than proven in their safety and their reliability.

A healthy scalp and healthy hair go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. We understand that, and take a proactive approach to creating healthy scalp conditions. That’s what sets LH Hair apart. To learn more about the important role that trichology plays in our salon, we invite you to contact us today.