Are Your Habits Causing Hair Loss?
03 / 08 / 18

Are Your Habits Causing Hair Loss?

Experiencing hair loss can be alarming, especially if it doesn't run in your family. Many people associate thinning hair with hereditary traits, but the truth is, hair loss can affect just about anyone. If the conditions you put your hair through are not satisfactory to your follicles, you could see stunted growth. In fact, you could be making your hair loss worse if you aren't aware of the habits, stressors, and lifestyle choices that contribute to the situation. So, are you inadvertently making your hair loss worse? Let's take a look at the common habits that could be exacerbating your thinning hair. 

Too Much Heat

Blow drying, straightening, curling, and an overabundance of product are all contributing factors in the world of hair loss. The excessive heat from styling tools can weaken your hair, making it prone to breakage. Additionally, the natural growth cycle of your follicles could be interrupted by overworking, overheating, and over-brushing. Your hair responds best to gentle care, so try to avoid putting undue stress on it.

Poor Nutrition

You are what you eat! Believe it or not, this saying also applies to your hair. Poor diet and nutrition are contributing factors to unhealthy hair. If you're on a crash diet and not providing your body with the proper nutrients, you could very well see thinning hair. If you live off of junk food and don't get the vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruits and vegetables, you may experience hair loss. If you aren't supplementing your diet with healthy amounts of iron, protein, B-12, zinc, and Vitamin C... You guessed it: hair loss could follow suite. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is a surefire way to maintain healthy body, mind, and hair.

Uncontrolled Vices

There's nothing wrong with a glass of wine now and then, but your vices could be affecting the growth of your hair. Alcohol, smoking, and pill-popping can cause damage to the DNA of your hair follicles and cause them to stop functioning properly. 

Not So Tight

Your hairstyle could be impacting how your hair grows. If your go-to is a tight bun or high ponytail, you could be stressing your hair to the point of damage. Tight, pulled back styles often result in breakage and can eventually damage the follicles, causing traction alopecia. To prevent stress on your hair, alternate hairstyles on a daily basis. Even switching from a high to a low ponytail can be helpful.


Sure, hair loss causes stress, but did you know that stress causes hair loss? It's a vicious cycle, but knowing is half the battle. Stress affects your overall health, including the health and growth of your hair. Whether you're experiencing mental or physical stress, both can be contributing factors to thinning hair. Stress-related hair loss can occur weeks or months after a stressful event, but the hair will grow back without issue once your stress levels are reduced. Note: high stress events such as surgery, giving birth, and going through a break-up have all been linked to stress-related hair loss.

Yes, you may well be making your hair loss worse, but getting your hair back in beautiful, healthy shape is within your reach! At LH Hair we offer hair loss solutions for all stages of hair loss, and can help you determine the underlying factors that are affecting your follicles. It's our mission to give you the hair you want and the knowledge to achieve it!

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