9 Bad Habits That Lead To Hair Loss
04 / 15 / 21

9 Bad Habits That Lead To Hair Loss

Your head of hair is part of who you are and how you express yourself. Understandably, you want to keep your natural, full head of hair as long as possible. As you may already know, genetics play a large part in whether you experience hair loss. Unfortunately, this is a factor that is out of your control. However, the good news is that there are factors in your control and can help you keep a full head of hair longer. Let's take a look at 9 bad habits that lead to hair loss.

1. Aggressively Brushing Wet Hair

A shower can make your hair a nightmare to deal with. It ends up in what seems to be a million different knots—your first inclination to grab the brush and get them out by any means necessary. Hold up! This is when your hair is the most vulnerable. Brushing your hair can lead to breakage and irreversible damage to the hair follicle. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to coax out the tangles gently.

2. Tight Hairstyles

Sporting tight hairstyles for prolonged periods of time can lead to traction alopecia, a form of hair loss. Tight hairstyles cause constant tension on the hair strands. Continuous stress can cause the strand of hair to break or result in damaged follicles.

3. Going to Bed With Wet Hair

As mentioned above, your hair is at its weakest when it's wet. Going to bed with wet hair increases the risk of strands breaking from the friction of your hair on the pillow when you toss and turn. It's better to either shower in the mornings or makes sure your hair is dry before bed.

4. Overuse of Heated Styling Tools

Applying too much heat to your hair can make the strands brittle and prone to breaking. Opt for non-heated hairstyles whenever possible to minimize the damage as a result of heat.

5. Unbalanced Diet

Diets that restrict entire food groups and vitamins and minerals can be bad news for your hair. Since hair growth is an elective system in the body, necessary nutrients will be rerouted from the hair follicles to more essential body functions. This leads to thinning and balding until the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth are restored.

6. Failing to Wash Your Hair Enough

A healthy scalp is one of the keys to normal hair growth. Not washing your hair often enough can lead to a build-up of oil, dirt, grime, etc., which can inhibit hair growth. Washing your hair with a gentle shampoo regularly will cleanse the scalp and promote healthy hair.

7. Smoking

Medical research shows that one of the side effects of smoking cigarettes is that it can cause damage to the hair follicles. This, in turn, inhibits normal, healthy hair growth. Quitting this bad habit is good for your health in every way, including your hair.

8. Overusing Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an awesome tool when used correctly. Overusing can result in brittle hair that breaks easily. Dry shampoo can also make the hair stick together at the roots and cause your hair to pull out at roots from the hair follicles. This can cause hair loss.

9. Excessively Scratching Your Scalp

Scalp conditions such as seborrhoeic dermatitis cause your scalp to itch. Aggressively scratching your head can cause breakage or even irreversible damage to your hair follicle.

What Can You Do When Hair Loss Is Due to More Than Habits?

If you suspect your hair loss is due to more than a bad habit, it is time to seek professional treatment. As the leading hair restoration studio in Charlotte, LH Hair provides second-to-none hair loss solutions. Whether you are experiencing mild thinning or well into the balding process, we have you covered with a variety of hair restoration options for women and men. Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation!