6 Reasons to Get Hair Extensions
08 / 22 / 19

6 Reasons to Get Hair Extensions

Hair care and styles have come a long, long way from Aquanet and hot rollers. Hair extensions are a growing part of that trend. In fact, beauty icons like Jennifer Lopez (who sported 50-inch long hair extensions for the Billboard Latin Music Awards), Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga are among A-list celebrities who have sported the look with class and fun.

If you're considering hair extensions but are not yet convinced to do so, here are six reasons why hair extensions can be a rewarding experience for you.

1. Change of Style

If you've been sporting the same hairstyle for years, adding hair extensions can significantly increase the types of styles you can incorporate. Whether you want braids, twists, or an up-do, longer hair allows you to experiment and have creative fun with a new style. You can even play around with different lengths and colors or use your extensions as accessories. Ever wondered how you would look with a streak of blue? Hair extensions allow you to experiment without damaging your hair.

2. Non-Permanent

The beauty of utilizing non-permanent hair extensions is that you can wear them half the day and take them out for the evening. Or, visa-versa. Your hair extensions are not permanently affixed so you can use them or not - it's entirely up to you! If you have a special event coming up and want to sport a new look, hair extensions can help you to stand out in the crowd.

3. No Damage To Your Hair

If you want to have hair that is highlighted or multi-colored, hair extensions are a wonderful way to experiment! This is because you can choose from a variety of colors and styles without damaging your existing hair. It is important, though, that you consult with an expert who is specially trained in the best ways to add hair extensions without damaging the roots of your hair or skin of your scalp.

4. Added Volume/Length

Hair extensions can help men and women who are experiencing thinning hair, to have fuller-looking heads of hair. Because today's quality hair extensions are literally like extensions of your own hair, you can style them along with your existing hair to create beautiful, stylish, voluminous looks.

If your hair is straight, it can be seen as thinner than curly or wavy hair. Adding extensions to your existing straight hair makes it look much thicker and healthier without damage.

5. Increased Self-Image

How our hair looks has been shown to affect our self-image. Multiple studies have shown that having a "bad-hair-day" or feeling unconfident about our hair, is directly linked to how we feel about ourselves and interact with others. Hair extensions - professionally applied - are sure to increase how proud you showcase your new 'do and make you feel more confident.

6. Bad Hair Cut

Many of us have experienced regret after receiving a less-than-perfect haircut (or getting a haircut we thought we wanted, only to discover it didn't suit us). Hair extensions are an effective way of hiding the results of your salon visit until your natural hair has a chance to grow back to where you want it to be.

Since hair extensions are non-invasive, natural, and come with a variety of different attachment options, they are an excellent choice for those who want to improve the look and feel of their hair. At LH Hair, we don't just do hair extensions; we work closely with our clients to determine which options are best for you, your budget, and your lifestyle. We invite you to contact us today to discuss the many different extensions and toppers we have for you.