Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention

As our society moves towards healthier living, everyone wants to protect our crowning glory . . .a full head of healthy hair! The average person has about 100,000 hairs on their head and, with the normal growth cycle, can expect to shed 3 to 4 percent monthly. That's over 100 hairs a day! When considerably more hair, or clumps, are lost at one time, this becomes a concern. In some cases hair loss is hereditary, but it is important to consult a physician to determine if there are any underlying serious health issues that need to be addressed. Regardless of any medical conditions, it is also important to start hair loss prevention to minimize any permanent damage.


Trichology, a category of dermatology, is the health science of hair and scalp. To grow healthy hair, the scalp must be clean and healthy. Problems that can be evaluated and treated are:

  • Excessive hair loss, thinning hair or baldness
  • Oily or dry hair and dandruff
  • Areata, Totalis or Universalis Alopecia
  • Excessive seasonal shedding, often in the spring or fall
  • Scaling, either in patches or over entire scalp
  • Itching and eczema
  • Chemotherapy or cranial radiation therapy
  • Hair loss after pregnancy
  • Hair breakage
  • Over processing from perms, hair straighteners, hair coloring, etc.
  • Tension from braiding, pony-tails, hair twirling or pulling

Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential to healthy hair. Skin is the largest and fastest growing organ within our bodies. The base of the hair follicle, called the hair bulb, anchors hair into the skin, and blood vessels nourish the cells and deliver the hormones that modify the hair structure and growth throughout our lives.


There are three phases of the hair growth cycle:

  • The growth stage called Anagen. Most hair on your head is in the growth stage and lasts for several years. Multiple hairs, usually 1-5, grow from the hair follicle . This is called a follicular unit.
  • The transition phase, called Catagen happens over a several- week period and this is where the hair growth slows down and the hair follicle shrinks.
  • Hair will go into a resting phase, called Telogen. This lasts over several months in which hair growth stops and the old hair sheds from the hair follicle. Under normal circumstances a new hair begins the growth cycle, pushing out the old hair.

Thinning hair or hair loss happens when there are abnormalities within the growth process. For example hair starts thinning because less hairs are growing out of the hair follicle; maybe one hair instead of 4. Or, in the Catagen stage, when the hair follicle dies rather than shrinks. Or, in the Telogen stage, when there is not a new hair under the old hair.

These abnormalities can be caused by illness, medications, genetics, lack of nourishments, reduced blood flow or not using the proper products to cleanse the scalp and unclog the hair shaft. Only by close examination, using a microscopic camera can your situation be reviewed and recommendations made.


HF logo colorHair loss prevention and rejuvenation is of core importance to what we do at LH Hair. And, we're proud to be the FIRST certified hair renewal center for Capilia Head First program in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Many of our clients have already started a Head First prevention program showing such promising results as texture and color improvement, less oily or dry hair and scalp, and new hair regrowth. Now you can reap the benefits of this program, too.

Our goal is the same for all our clients: to treat scalp skin disorders and conditions that are restricting the natural hair growth cycle. However, every treatment plan is unique and customized to each individual's needs.

The first step is to closely examine your scalp and hair follicles using a microscopic camera. Using Head First protocol, the correct mix of products and time line are created. On your first treatment visit, you will relax with a series of shampoos, conditioners, emulsion and more. Enjoy the quiet time to meditate, read, use your mobile phone, or simply relax. At the end of your first visit, your certified technician will again examine your scalp and hair follicles using the microscopic camera. You'll be amazed with the immediate improvement of your scalp condition by seeing before and after pictures. Your hair will feel so much softer to touch.


All Head First products by Capilia are green, using biodegradable products and biocompatible processes. These products were designed for all hair and skin types, and are extremely rich in natural active ingredients. This therapeutic program is designed to pamper you with in-salon treatments and products to take home for on-going use.


Before and after pictures of your scalp, a timeline and product instructions will be provided for you to take home with your products. Your certified hair renewal specialist will keep track of your progress and make adjustments accordingly. Your scalp will feel better and your hair will look healthier.

At LH Hair, our focus is to help solve all your hair loss problems and may require more than one service or product. FDA-approved low level laser treatment can augment the Head First Program, helping to restore the blood-flow to the hair follicles and stimulating new hair growth. Or maybe you need to add some hair strategically to cover up some balding areas.

Call or complete our online consultation form to schedule a free, private consultation to find out what services and products are best for restoring your hair. The sooner you seek treatment, the greater chance of stopping or reversing your hair loss. Once the hair follicle has died, there's no way to reactive it. Call or email us today!

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